Mental Health Days

stressed-womenAs more workers struggle with stress in and out of the workplace, some are requesting time off in order to cope. This is not a problem for companies with sick-day policies that allow employees to use their paid personal days for any reason. In other workplaces, people who are honest about asking for a mental health day can sometimes be looked upon as suffering from a mental health issue. Regardless of how your organization may handle these issues, it is important to respect employees’ right to privacy and avoid probing for sensitive information about a person’s well-being.

Acing your class reunion

reunionCatching up with old classmates can be fun, but it can also lead to stress for many. Here are some notes to nail the exam.

  • Figure out what you’re going to say before you get to the reunion. Decide what you’re comfortable sharing about yourself – who you are and what you have done.
  • Don’t worry about your weight. Opt against a crash diet. Drastic weight loss can be unhealthy and usually doesn’t lead to long-term changes.
  • Don’t stress about how you dress. Don’t rush to buy something new or worry about being overly trendy or fashionable. Whatever you wear will likely be new to everyone there because you haven’t seen one another in years. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

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Dog Days Popular

dogA recent survey of more than 1,000 workers showed that allowing people to bring their pets to work can go a long way to build community and reduce stress. Experience shows that people converge around pets, especially dogs, promoting friendly conversations that otherwise wouldn’t have taken place.