What Gen Z Wants at Work

genz-workIf you’re not shaping your benefits around the needs and wants of Generation Z, you’d better broaden your thinking. Statistics tell us that by 2025, young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 will make up 27% of our nation’s workforce. What interests Z’ers? Here are a few observations from generational experts.

Fair pay and benefits are extremely important, but no substitute for integrity. Gen Z is the first generation to put purpose above pay and will leave if they believe the organization is hiding bad business practices, promoting toxic workplace culture or ignoring their social or environmental responsibilities.

Most prefer a hybrid work model, but after being forced to settle for virtual internships most want to get out and meet other young professionals. They want to establish a routine and experience a sense of community by interacting with peers and mentors face to face.

Gen Z’ers are focused on mental health and wellness. As such, they value paid time off to care for their mental health and health benefits that include therapy and a commitment to work/life balance.

Finally, as our nation’s most diverse generation to date, Gen Z’ers want to be part of an organization that works to improve diversity across all levels. While they want to be treated fairly as an individual, they are even more concerned about what their organization does to serve the greater good.


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