Do You Have a Vaccine Strategy?

vaccineThroughout the past year, organizations large and small have taken many steps to protect their workers. While those that could have people work remotely likely did, others provided PPE and modified workspaces to achieve social distancing. As states continue to loosen their restrictions and more and more people become eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, employers that intend to bring people back to the workplace are working to determine how best to proceed. While very few seem to be requiring that workers get vaccinated, many employers are providing incentives to those who do.

Employees are Looking for Guidance

For employers that place a high priority on wellness, deciding how to proceed with vaccinations is critical. Employees look to their employer for meaningful health benefits and are likely expecting guidance in this area as well. Some HR directors have responded with information about the safety of available vaccines. Because people consume information differently, companies are using many forms of media to encourage vaccinations. Whether you use emails, webinars or videos featuring co-workers, persistence is paramount. One announcement won’t do the job – it will take a consistent campaign to overcome the skepticism that still exists. If you want to reinforce communication with an incentive, you might consider time off to get the shot, gift cards or several extra hours of pay.


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