Don’t make it easy for identity thieves

hand-with-walletHere are 5 things that you should never keep in your wallet or purse just in case it gets stolen.

  1. Social Security Card – or any paper with your Social Security Number (SSN) on it. Unlike a credit or debit card, you cannot just cancel your Social Security card or change the number.
  2. Birth Certificate. A birth certificate can get a criminal a replacement Social Security card, a passport, a driver’s license and many other forms of identification.
  3. Bank account and routing numbers. A criminal can use these numbers to empty your account(s). You would need to close the account and open an entirely new one.
  4. Password cheat sheets.
  5. Passport. This document can be used to get a new Social Security card, driver’s license or state ID card. It can also be used as an identifying document in getting a loan or opening a new credit account.

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Source: Identity Theft Resource Center


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