Creating bonds across generations

sip-generations-blogThe grandparent-grandchild relationship is second only to the parent-child connection in a child’s emotional growth. Kids develop appreciation for family legacy and learn healthy views of aging by interacting with grandparents.

Here are tips to keep the grandparent connection strong for children:

  • Check yourself – Your relationship with your parents sets the tone for the connection your children make with their grandparents.
  • Communicate – Have a family meeting to discuss the role you want your parents to play in the lives of your children. Many grandparents are fearful of intruding. Let grandparents know what they can do to make your parenting role easier.
  • Connect weekly – Make it a priority to communicate with grandparents at least once per week. Make sure grandparents hear what the grandkids are interested in and acknowledge their accomplishments.
  • Share history – Grandparents are a great connection to the past for children. Encourage them to share their history with your kids; no one else can take those family stories into the future.
  • Show appreciation – When grandparents do something special with the kids, make sure they get a note of appreciation.

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Source: Susan Bosak, author of “How to Build the Grandma Connection”


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