What is your health?

health-blogHealth is personal. Everyone has his or her own idea of what health means. Sure, there are some common elements – such as absence of disease or illness – that many people would include in their definitions, but likely no 2 descriptions of health would be the same.

So, with that in mind, thank about what your health is and how you might want to improve it. Taking inventory of what matters to you when it comes to health is the first step toward making changes.

Maybe you’d like to have more energy to do more things. Ask yourself, “Why don’t I have energy? Is it because I’m not getting enough quality sleep or not eating the right foods?” You may not be able to answer the questions on your own, but you have identified what it is that you want and can take the next step, which could be making an appointment to visit with your health care provider.

Learn more at Jul.HopeHealth.com.


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