Think Before You Ink

tattooThat tattoo may be cool, but it may also trigger problems ranging from allergic reactions to scarring to the formation of bumpy knots called granulomas. As of 2012, one in five adults had a tattoo – up from 14% in 2008.

While the majority of tattoos are trouble-free, there are risks. Anything that comes in contact with the tattoo, such as bacteria and viruses, can get into the wound and your entire body. It’s like having a bite or giant abrasion. Unsterilized tools or contaminated ink can lead to infection, blood-borne diseases and other less obvious issues. In addition, tattoos should not be applied over existing moles whenever possible, as it can prevent early detection of skin cancer by masking changes in mole size and texture.

Think before you ink. The easiest and most important way to avoid becoming a tattoo horror story is to research the tattoo parlor and review your personal health history.


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