ACA & IRS HSA Limits to Differ

money-1Limits for HSA-qualified HDHPs equaled the limits established by IRS. While you would expect this to continue, ACA maximums begin to differ slightly in 2015 because HHS is required to use a different methodology to calculate any annual adjustments.

As a result, the ACA out-of-pocket maximum for 2015 is $6,600 for self-only coverage (vs. $6,350 in 2014) and $13,200 for other than self-only (vs. $12,700 in 2014). IRS out-of-pocket limits for 2015 are $6,450 for self-only and $12,900 for other than self-only. As always, we will keep clients aware of future adjustments and review their plan documents to make sure the appropriate limits are reflected.


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