Independence Matters More Than Ever

nursenavigatorAfter speaking with our clients about health care reform, many on a daily basis, we’re constantly being reminded of what remaining independent means to our firm and our clients, as together, we strive to control future health care benefit costs.

  1. Experience – After working in employee health care for many years, we know that creating relevant solutions means understanding our client’s needs and using our skills to help everyone make informed decisions.
  2. Flexibility – When you’re responsible for helping employer groups manage the risks and costs of employee health care, you must be proactive, efficient and able to change in order to get things done for your client.
  3. Freedom – As an independent TPA firm, we are able to listen to our clients, understand their needs and recommend solutions that are designed to serve the best interests of their company and their plan participants.
  4. Transparency – When you’re dedicated to cost transparency, you put your client first, you know how to identify the true cost and share the facts with everyone involved. Independence is a must.
  5. Trust – Being independent gives us the ability to listen to our clients, understand their goals and objectives and do what’s needed to solve their problems. Serving our clients rather than an insurance company is what enables us to earn our client’s trust.

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