Bobbing for Apples Exercise

applesThe traditional fall festival game of bobbing for apples can be fun but is not necessarily food-safe. Kids can spread germs easily when they attempt to nab an apple in the container of water using their mouths. Instead, try a new, active version of bobbing for apples.

  • Cut out several apples from red construction paper.
  • Write activities for kids to do on each apple, such as “5 jumping jacks,” “10 pushups,” “20 sit-ups,” or “running in place for 30 seconds.”
  • Attach a paper clip to each apple and place the apples in a large basket.
  • Tie a magnet to a string or create a fishing pole with a dowel rod, magnet, and yarn.
  • Let the children take turns “bobbing” with their magnet and doing the activity written on each apple.
  • Give kids a fresh apple for participating in your food-safe version of bobbing for apples.

In cooperation with NAEBA

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