High Blood Pressure Myths

blood-pressureMedication is the only way to control my high blood pressure.

Lifestyle changes including exercise, avoiding tobacco, weight loss, and limiting alcohol, caffeine and sodium consumption can help more than half of adults control high blood pressure.

My blood pressure is not affected because I don’t use table salt.

Sodium comes from a variety of sources, most commonly, processed foods. Monitor your sodium intake by looking for ‘soda,’ ‘sodium,’ or ‘Na’ on food labels. Kosher and sea salt are no safer than table salt. Chemically, they are the same.

I don’t have to check my blood pressure, my doctor does.

Only monitoring your blood pressure when you visit the doctor is not enough. Blood pressure can fluctuate. Monitoring it at home can help your doctor determine if you have high blood pressure and if treatment is needed.

I don’t have any symptoms – I’m fine.

Nervousness, sweating, difficulty sleeping and flushing of the face are often perceived as symptoms of high blood pressure, but there are no symptoms. Patients may be completely unaware of their high blood pressure and the severe health problems it can cause, including stroke and damage to the arteries, heart, and other organs.

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