If You’re Sick, Stay Home

sickIn a fragile economy, workers are more likely to drag themselves into work when they are feeling awful rather than call in sick, in fear that they will appear less committed to their jobs. Staying home poses a risk of falling behind or being seen as a slacker, but showing up sick and infecting colleagues can be worse and an increasing number of employers are establishing policies to discourage it.

Many employers are struggling with how to get people to work when they are healthy enough and keep them away when they are not. Some employers have policies that encourage sick people to come to work, offering cash or gifts for perfect attendance. Many have swapped handing out rewards for showing up, in favor of specifying a number of paid days off for any purpose.

Calling in sick can be awkward, but over two-thirds of all health-related productivity losses spring from sick employees who show up and perform, not from those who miss work for being sick. To alleviate your fear of being viewed as a slacker, contact co-workers via work related email and ask to participate via teleconference if you are missing an important meeting.

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