Engage More Millennials with Social Media

mobile-deviceA hall of famer was famous for saying the way to succeed was to “hit ‘em where they ain’t.”  Well it appears that to succeed in getting information on health, wellness or any other meaningful topic to people born between the late ‘70s and 2000, you’d better hit ‘em where they are… which is likely on Facebook, Twitter or looking at their mobile device.

That’s why social media presents so many opportunities for health and wellness. Social media is about sharing and interaction – building blocks for relationships. While there are concerns to address, finding ways for providers and patients to have conversations about health related topics could easily reinforce these relationships.

Think of the opportunities that exist for keeping a patient in touch with a nurse, social worker or health coach. How about using a mobile app or text messaging to check weight or blood pressure or remind an expectant mother of what she might expect in the final trimester of her first pregnancy?

Through support groups and online social sites, patients and providers can communicate, learn about diseases, treatments and side effects and build trust in ways that were never possible before. It really makes perfect sense. As medical discoveries and technology continue to advance, social media and mobile communications offer ways to keep relationships and communication at the heart of our wellbeing.

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In cooperation with NAEBA

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