Beware of Computer Vision

People who spend more than two hours on the computer every day may start to experience Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Some of the symptoms to look for: headaches, focusing difficulties, burning eyes, tired eyes, general eyestrain, aching eyes, dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, light sensitivity, and neck and shoulder pain.

Electronic characters displayed on a computer monitor are made of many, many small dots (pixels). Eyes have a hard time focusing on the pixel characters. They are constantly relaxing and then straining to refocus, similar to if you’d raise your arm and pump your fist open and closed 40,000 times during an eight-hour day.

To help reduce the effects of CVS:

  • Look away from your computer screen every 10–15 minutes and focus for 5–10 seconds on an object off in the distance or down the hall, or take a short walk.
  • Place your monitor directly in front of you, not off to the side. It should be 20 to 26 inches away from you. Also, make sure it’s not too high or too low.

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