Important Trends That Affect Workplace Health Communication

At Self Insured Plans, we believe in keeping you and your colleagues informed of important trends that affect workplace health communication. A recent national survey asked HR, benefits and health promotion practitioners from organizations of all sizes what they expected to see by 2013, and below you will find the 4 trends that stood out.

Representing organizations of all sizes, these 4 trends stood out:

  1. Health communication is as important as the quality of benefits a company offers. 52% of respondents said communication is critical. They’re supported by MetLife’s 8th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends, which says a rich package of benefits, communicated well so employees know what they’re being offered, leads to job loyalty, job satisfaction, and high productivity.
  2. Employers are offering worksite wellness programs because they hope to impact health care costs. The real reason organizations produce health promotion and run wellness programs, 76% of respondents say, is the impact of health promotion on health care costs (lowering them or getting them under control).
  3. The biggest obstacle to effective health communication in the workplace is employees not taking time to read the information they are given. There’s nearly a consensus about the biggest obstacle to effective workplace communication, and it’s not time constraints or limited budgets. Some 79% of respondents cited taking time to read as the No. 1 issue. You can boost health literacy by using plain language and tailoring information to individuals.
  4. The medium is becoming key to conveying the message. Electronic health information delivery, social media and quick videos are making inroads alongside highly effective print products, but health managers aren’t yet all-a-twitter about using social media in their health communication (48% felt social media would be used consistently, with a strong emphasis).


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