Social Networks Can Spread Wellness

To better connect with younger workers, more and more companies are increasing their presence on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition to using these sites to connect with potential recruits, many firms are creating Facebook group pages where employees can share experiences and comment about things such as training programs, community service efforts and company developments.

With the percentage of employee populations under the age of 30 rising rapidly, companies have to be aware of what younger people want and expect in the workplace. While some companies are quick to point to the risks that exist with media channels like YouTube, others prefer to see the opportunities. New tools such as social media networks and blogs can greatly enhance a company’s ability to attract, retain and motivate employees. When you consider the increasing need to engage employees in health related areas such as benefits and wellness, it makes little sense to let opportunities like this go by the wayside.

When People Connect, They Influence One Another
There is no question that people influence behavior when they connect with one another, and this is especially true in the workplace. The fact is that with social media and mobile technology, employers can leverage these social connections to promote better health. Just as large companies have learned that healthy behavior can spread across an employee population, small and mid-sized businesses realize that their employees are using these tools and looking to their employer to do the same.

  • Why not use a social network to fuel participation in a walking group or introduce a weight loss challenge?
  • Launching a Facebook group page (easily closed to the general public) will allow employees to engage and support one another.
  • These forums will empower workers to share experiences and perhaps even challenge one another to achieve a health-related goal they may have otherwise thought out of reach.

Research has proven that weaving health and wellness into each day can encourage change in individual behavior. When you consider the speed of wireless broadband and the explosion of smart phones and tablets, the time to create an environment in which wellness can thrive is now.

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